Virus removal

The biggest problem many people face these days is virus attacks. It can be a botnets, hacking, malware, pharming, phishing, ransomware, spam, spoofing, spyware, adware, trojan horse, or any other type of viruses. It's very hard for a normal user to easily detect and clean. We are experts in detecting, quarantining and removal of all harmful viruses to your computer.

Hardware troubleshooting

Our team is highly competent to diagnose your computer hardware trouble. We can go through the system and recommend you options to fix if you experience a fault of your computer hardware, We work with PC's Laptops, Mac Books, iMac and most of commonly used computer hardware. We can visit your premises if you cannot carry it to our technical venue. Contact us for more info

Software Troubleshooting

If you want to reinstall, upgrade or set dual boot your computers operating system to fix problems or increase the performance, yes we can do that for you. If your system has loading delays, performance delays and crashing between your work it's time to go for a system health and performance check. We can run a complete diagnosis of your computer to understand if it needs a system restore or other performance touch.

1. IT system engineering

2. Web Developments

3. Network and Infrastructure 

Additional services we provide

We are not just a computer hardware service company. Our expert teams are capable on handling various IT systems including system development and solution management.  In addition to that we do web developments, hosting and domain registration services for the people who need to acquire their first website or for the people who want more dynamic aspects of their existing websites.

Mobile based

Network and cloud based

Manage the security of your data

System and hardware solutions provided by Geektech

Usage of mobile based Computer solution department  to manage your business is the latest technical trend of the contemporary world. Geek Tech computers identify the rapid growth of mobile solution industry and we have built a team in house to provide mobile based technical solutions while maintaining your mobile hardware to streamline  your business without any hassle. We can asses your requirement and do many recommendations to choose the right mobile solution for your business


Many businesses don't maintain own system hardware in house as their IT infrastructure. Many NZ businesses have moved to cloud based virtual hardware solutions to reduce the hardware infrastructure costs. Geek Tech Computer solution department can look into your case and do a deep analysis to identify how you can migrate your existing hardware infrastructure to a cloud based solution. We are very knowledgeable about various cloud based solutions. We can do consultations for your ease. 


Our solution department is comprised with data security experts to provide you various services based on data security. We are capable of doing system security management including data prevention, data back up, restoring and supply guarding solutions to protect your entire IT system. We don't have personal preferences against your most trusted anti virus or threat protection system, so we can take the responsibility of maintaining it. We are familiar with many solutions available in the market. So we can customize them to make them more convenient to you while being a more flexible and affordable solutions provider., Westmere, Auckland, New Zealand all rights reserved © 2020 

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